Vietnam War Commemoration


Duino Franco Giordano

Years of Service during the Vietnam War:

1966 to 1975

Position and Branch of Service during the Vietnam War:

Outside Wire, Antenna Maintenance Specialist

216th Engineering Installation Squadron, 162 Combat Group, California Air National Guard, United Sates Air Force

Where were you deployed:

Completed communication installation and maintenance assignment throught0ut the United States from Alaska to Northern Air Defense Command, Colorado Springs, Colorado all the way to Ascension Island, UK.

What caused you to join the military:

Provided me an education and an opportunity to serve my community and USA

What was the transition like when you returned home?

I was on active duty for only 6 months. No real issue.

Main issue was dealing with antiwar demonstration and being deployed to demonstration for riot control as Air National Guard troop and as a public safety officer.

Most significant memory:

Being deployed to Ascension Island, UK to construct and install new tracking antennas for NSA

What do you wish that civilians would understand about military service?

What an honor it was to serve with so many dedicated individuals, from all walks of life, from all over the world who chose to defend our nation and the people who live here.