The Veterans Memorial and Support Foundation is a non-profit launched in 2012 designed to deliver honor, support and healing to America’s active service members, veterans and first responders. We are in search of a videographer to assist us in our marketing efforts supporting social media, website, oral presentations, and cable television spots that will be aired within the northern California region. If you have videography skills and a passion for America’s freedom, we invite you to throw your hat into the race to join an impressive team of Silicon Valley talent and difference makers who are interested in improving the lives of veterans and first responders. This is a non-paid position that will bring great credentials and contacts in Silicon Valley to any qualified resume. Skill sets of candidates should include:

  • Working with a Creative Director or collaborative team to create the film or video product
  • Figuring out what type of equipment to use
  • Cleaning and disassembling hardware
  • Setting up and tearing down cameras, audio recorders, lighting, microphones, and props
  • Calibrating and maintaining equipment
  • Preparing background film or “B” rolls as well as live feed
  • Troubleshoots problems with the equipment
  • Interviewing people and creating a film clip via editing raw footage
  • Working in the studio as part of a production team to edit film
  • Inserting closed captioning, graphics, or other on-screen text into a video
  • Adding computer graphics and special effects to a video
  • Manual dexterity, physical mobility, and some physical strength/stamina
  • Bravery to get the camera shot in risky situations
  • Creativity and attention to detail
  • Organization to manage their time efficiently
  • Ability to capture snippets of film and be able to edit it into a cohesive story
  • Flexibility and good listening skills
  • Enough patience to wait for the perfect shot
  • Energy and determination
  • Technical acumen to be able to operate, configure, set up, and fix video, audio, lighting, or other production equipment
  • Must know computerized tape editing software and equipment
  • Understanding of post-production techniques
  • Can work in a variety of digital venues with software to edit and finish film work
  • Passion—they have to be all about getting the shot

Please send background or resume along with sample portfolio of work to