Vietnam War Commemoration



Years of Service during the Vietnam War:


Position and Branch of Service during the Vietnam War:

SGT E5, Infantry, 199TH Light Infantry Brigade, Army

Where were you deployed:

Long Binh, Vietnam

What caused you to join the military:

As a child and adult, I grew up as a patriot who supports America’s country and allies. I am prepared to defend it against enemies who want to remove our freedom, the greatest gift any country in the world has achieved.

What was the transition like when you returned home?

Brutal. War trauma (PTSD,) a country in turmoil and a lack of understanding and ignorance of the impact of war on those who defend their country. PTSD was not recognized until the 1980’s.

Most significant memory:

The impact of not knowing whether I would live or die every day for a year in Vietnam in combat. The impact of experiencing war with all the death and pain of that of a young soldier.

What do you wish that civilians would understand about military service?

How valuable our freedom as a nation is to be able to be who we want to be, say what we want to say, worship if we choose to or not, and have access to justice to defend our God-given rights as a free citizen.