Please enjoy an introduction video about the Veterans Memorial & Support Foundation of Los Gatos


The Mission of the Veterans Memorial & Support Foundation is to:

  • Build and Maintain a tribute to U.S. Military Members and Veterans
  • Honor all U.S. Military Members & Veterans, Past, Present & Future
  • Educate the Community
  • Provide Humanitarian Support


A small committee of Veterans and patriotic volunteers gave birth to the Foundation known as the Veterans Memorial & Support Foundation of Los Gatos. The Foundation intends to erect and manage in perpetuity, a memorial in downtown Los Gatos, one that celebrates freedom and gives tribute to service members and Veterans of the United States military.

The memorial is intended to recognize the courage and loyalty demonstrated by the brave men and women who have fought in conflicts, cataclysmic war and in so many ways, defend the freedom that defines America.

On November 5th, the Los Gatos Town Council unanimously authorized the Foundation to develop and submit proposals for the design of the memorial likely to be placed at the Civic Center on East Main Street. The right to build a memorial in such a prominent place in the center of Town is both a profound privilege and responsibility. By this right, the Foundation becomes the reservoir and resonator of important chapters of American history.

The organization also plans to conduct celebrations in connection with national holidays that serve to educate the community on the spirit of those who have put so much on the line to rise to the limitless horizons of freedom.

Finally and of significant importance, the foundation intends to secure donations to fund and support the critical needs of service members, Veterans and their families.

The entity was filed in October, 2012 and submitted application for non-profit 501 (c) (3) consideration to the IRS in early December, 2012- which the IRS turned around and granted in record time only 60+ calendar days later.

In a sense, one might say that the foundation is about service on the front lines - as warriors and as humanitarians - and even more, about the courage and compassion of the individuals behind it.

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